Buying a Franchise

Before Buying Franchise
When evaluating various franchise opportunities, you will likely encounter some "red flags" or indications that further investigation may be prudent before you commit to a franchise investment. Learn to recognize them before you take the step of signing an agreement.
the best franchise advisors
Your decision to purchase a franchise should be based upon two broad understandings: first, an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of franchising; second, an understanding of the franchise you want, and how to evaluate it.
broker on commission
No matter how knowledgeable franchise brokers appear, how friendly they are, and how many times they refer to you as their client - they work for the franchisor and only get paid if you buy a franchise from one of...
franchise impact policies
You can negotiate some things in a franchise agreement, but it's recommended to limit your demands to things that provide you with real benefit but do not impact the ability of the franchisor to obtain consistency.