Finance and Legal

find a franchise lawyer
A qualified franchise attorney can separate contract terms and obligations that are “acceptable” or a “common practice” in a franchise relationship from those that may be excessive or unusual, and can help you negotiate with a franchisor.
handling franchisee litigation
When MSA works with a client as part of a litigation strategy team, our role is generally to facilitate business discussions focused on preserving the value of the franchise system, and keep the franchisor-franchisee business relationship on a separate track.
choosing a franchise lawyer
An expert in franchise law can help you understand what you are getting yourself into, and is your best protection against succumbing to what might kindly be described as your “entrepreneurial fever.”
financing a franchise
It's estimated that over $100 billion in seed capital is invested in businesses in the United States by friends and family. The angel investor market accounts for approximately $80 billion in seed capital investment.