Four Questions to Ask a Franchise Consultant

questions for a franchise consultant

By Michael Seid, Managing Director, MSA Worldwide

You probably realize that you need more than just legal agreements and disclosure documents to be a successful franchisor. You might also be thinking that working with a franchise consultant, like MSA Worldwide, could be beneficial. You are right.

However, be aware that not all franchise consultants are created equal. Some will offer you the legal documents without discussing their longer-term consequences. Others will try and sell you on their knowledge, but not offer the strategic and tactical support services that will help you pull everything together.

Before you engage with a franchise consultant, here are four qualifying questions we suggest you ask:

  1. Does your consulting service offer a franchise feasibility study based on industry benchmarks?
  2. Do you have the experience to help me package my franchise offering based on what’s current?
  3. Do you have the resources to help me with developing my franchisee training and program package?
  4. Do you have the expertise to help me with franchisee recruitment and sales?

MSA Worldwide’s franchise consultants offer both strategic guidance and tactical services, so our clients’ franchising endeavors are more successful right out of the chute – and are sustainable in the long term.

Do you have questions about working with a franchise consultant?

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