London Day School’s Empowering New Vision for Preschool Franchising

London Day School Franchise

Kay Ainsley, Managing Director, MSA Worldwide

As a working mother of two, Danielle Lindner struggled to find an early education program that not only offered the nurturing and loving environment she wanted for her children, but also a balanced educational program that challenged, engaged, excited,and enriched young learners on a daily basis.

As the world continues to change and evolve, it became important to Danielle that early childhood education and development must change as well.

Prior to founding The London Day School, Danielle surveyed the preschool landscape and concluded that children could be better served with a more rounded and comprehensive curriculum, and that parents could be better served with greater options in preparing their children for a changing world.

The result of Danielle’s exhaustive research is a curriculum that is completely innovative and a school that has forged a new era in preschool education – for children and parents alike. Through the dramatic success of her school, Danielle has shown that preschoolers are ready to be introduced to a greater view of the world around them – from subjects including foreign languages and mathematics, to social values such as tolerance and self-control.

Danielle believes that students need to build their Academic Intelligence while concurrently building Social and Emotional Intelligence. “Elementary school students and adults who have the ability to self-regulate, transition easily, think proactively rather than reactively, speak publically without trepidation, and notice and respond to the feelings of others, are much more successful in both life and business,” states Lindner.

Realizing a need to address several issues related to social and emotional development, Danielle created the Kind Kids Book Series, which is currently a large part of the school curriculum and is also garnering national attention. Her book series presents charming and colorful animal characters that help children focus on character education while providing fun and entertainment.

Children are fascinated by animal characters and can readily relate to them; as a result, her book series effectively delivers numerous teachable moments in social values, character lessons, and key academic subjects such as science.

Danielle wants children everywhere to experience The London Day School. She also wanted to empower others like herself to become financially independent while bringing an exceptional program to their communities. In order to make that happen, she worked with MSA Worldwide to launch London Day School Franchising. In contrast to most other daycare and preschool franchises, Danielle wanted her model to be accessible and affordable to local entrepreneurs who are passionate about early education and to contributing to the families within their communities. “Working with the team at MSA, we were able to design a franchise program that will enable us to achieve our goals for expanding The London Day School. I was pleased with the latitude we had in creating the structure of our franchise program,” said Lindner.

“MSA also worked with us to create the support that our franchisees will need to establish their businesses, build enrollment in their schools, and become contributing members of their community.”

The London Day School franchise model allows schools to operate in buildings that look and feel right in their neighborhood, rather than in buildings that all look the same. There is flexibility in approving a franchisee’s site as long as certain design elements are met, such as the trademark blue door and classroom layout. What remains constant, however, are their operating standards and unique curriculum. Children who attend a London Day School can expect the same experience and learning opportunities whether that school is in New Jersey, California, or Texas.

Danielle is particular about who will qualify for a London Day School franchise, trading fast growth for taking the time to select only the most qualified for a franchise. The London Day School offers a unique franchise program for independent schools that want to convert to a London Day School. Individuals wanting to open a London Day School must demonstrate their passion for and experience with early childhood education along with several other requirements. After completing a short questionnaire on the London Day School website, applicants are contacted by telephone for an initial interview before their Franchise Application is accepted.

About Danielle Lindner

Since establishing The London Day School in 2010, Founder and CEO Danielle R. Lindner was recently recognized as a Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneur by Leading Women Entrepreneurs & Business Owners (LWE) for her innovations in early education and for her London Day School franchise model. In addition to her Kind Kids Books Series, she is also a national writer for The Huffington Post and The Alternative Press, where she writes articles on parenting and early childhood education.

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