Improving Franchise Sales

With the growing popularity of franchising comes greater competition for new franchisees. Creating consistent and appropriate communications throughout the franchise recruitment process is key to your success. Whether you are considering domestic or international expansion, we ensure that we develop a focused and well-thought out approach to your franchisee recruitment.

The goal of any successful franchise recruitment strategy is to properly identify the right profile for each class of franchisee that is a good fit for the franchisor’s system. Only then can a franchisor create compelling advertising, and engage qualified prospects in a discovery process that results in the prospect’s decision to become a franchisee. In gaining an understanding of our client’s businesses, we are able to develop the profile for each class of franchisee appropriate for their success. We assess the franchisor’s unique value propositions, brand position, messaging, and recruitment process to develop strategic and tactical recommendations for franchisee recruitment.

Some of the services we provide to our clients include:

  • Identifying the targeted franchisee profile for each class of franchisee to be recruited
  • Determining the direction and best practices for changes to the franchisee recruitment website
  • Providing advice for targeted lead generation
  • Recommending changes to qualifying steps
  • Developing options for ​the discovery process based on the classes of targeted franchisees, including establishing timelines for decision making
  • Assisting in the implementation of the revised recruitment approach, including the franchisor's ​​decision day philosophy and protocol
  • Establishing key performance indicators and measurement methods to ensure that leads are handled appropriately
  • Developing realistic franchise recruitment budgets necessary to meet the system’s franchise sales goals
  • Developing the necessary tactics and action plans to implement the system’s sales strategy in the United States and internationally

Many of our clients have the resources to implement their franchise recruitment strategy internally, but some prefer that MSA develop and execute franchise recruitment for them. Our role can be tactical or advisory, and we are capable of managing the development and implementation of the franchisee recruitment program directly for our clients or through third party franchise brokers.


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