Whether you're new to franchising or well-versed in the ways of the business, it's important to understand that this endeavor ​requires well-planned strategies to train franchisees so they can contribute to your success.

Franchisee Training programs

franchisee-training-programs.jpgA commitment to continuous improvement is essential to franchise system success. In training new franchisees, while it’s easy to “fix” a slide here or a handout there, a periodic examination of the entire training program is important to support the launch of new franchisees.

When is the right time to do this? Consider how rapidly your franchise system has changed. Consider what issues are occurring in the performance of your franchise system, and look closely at whether any of the root causes are in how and what you are training on. If you are like most franchisors, you have added new processes, procedures, programs, and standards for your franchisees to adopt. ts important that you keep your new franchisee training fresh and current to how you expect the franchisee to operate.

It's also important to understand that training content and methods change, and that working with millennials by overloading them with information or not conveying it in a way they need makes learning a challenge. Franchisees need to absorb what you are teaching, and they can't do that unless it is provided in the timeframe and manner in which they learn. Using the most effective and efficient methods for training is essential.

Whether you are ready to update your training programs or are examining new training programs, we can help you analyze your training needs and create an architecture for your training program together with the materials you will require. Some of the training programs to consider are:

  • New franchisee training
  • Advanced training for mature franchisees and their management teams
  • Use of mentors in new franchisee training
  • Unit manager and shift manager training
  • Staff training for franchisee adaptation
  • Franchise sales compliance training
  • Field consultant training
  • How to build strong franchisor-franchisee relations

For ​more information, contact Marla Rosner, Senior ​Learning & Development Consultant, at (​415) ​225-​8607 or at mrosner@msaworldwide.com.

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