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Faegre & Benson has helped hundreds of franchisors launch, grow, protect and evolve successful systems in a wide range of industries. Our objective is to make a difference for franchisors—to help them identify new opportunities and overcome challenges at every stage of growth. Our passion for franchising, our nearly 200 years of collective experience and our approach distinguish us from other law firms to help accomplish that objective.

Whether it's structuring franchise programs for new franchisors, drafting disclosure documents under the amended FTC Rule, guiding international expansion, or advising on complex opportunities and challenges—often on a moment's notice—we develop creative solutions tailored to each client's needs.
We help franchisors anticipate potentially difficult legal issues before they arise, and we defend their systems when disputes are unavoidable. Our lawyers are leaders in the franchise community and are internationally recognized authorities in franchise law.



MSA Worldwide is the leading advisory firm providing strategic advice and tactical services to established franchisors in the United States and internationally. Because of our experience, we are well positioned to assist emerging franchisors structure and manage a new franchise program that meets their unique needs and goals and we have been doing so since 1987. Our clients rely on us to create effective solutions that put them on the track for success by providing franchise expansion and sales strategies; effective operations manuals and training programs; headquarters and field support programs; restructuring and modernization of established franchise systems; mentoring of management; litigation support and expert witness services. It is client performance, our dedication to service excellence and the practicality of our advice that sets us apart.

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