Covid-19 Resources

The Covid-19 pandemic is impacting franchisors in many industries. On this resources page we share with you the latest strategic guidance for adapting your franchise system to the pandemic, and for planning how to restart your franchise business.

We Have All Been In-ter-rupt-ed – Prepare for Reopening While You Still Have the Time

By Michael Seid and Kay Ainsley, MSA Worldwide

In dealing with the here-and-now of the Covid-19 crisis, we also have been working with our clients on how to turn their franchise systems back on once it’s over. 

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Turning the Franchise Business Back On

The dramatic morphing, scaling back and, in many cases, shutdown of franchising due to social distancing ​will end soon. Now is the time to plan how to scale your franchise system back up.

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Leading Your Franchise System Out of Covid-19

This PDF presentation addresses the impacts of Covid-19 on on franchising, how the economy will likely reopen, possible regulatory changes, planning for recovery demand, and more. 


Presented by Michael Seid and Kay Ainsley, Managing Directors of MSA Worldwide, from the International Franchise Association's Franchise Action Network (FAN). Text FAN to 52886 for more information and to stay engaged!