A free, in-depth tool to use when you are considering investing in a franchise opportunity.

​Choosing to buy a Franchise: choose carefully

Congratulations on making the decision to begin looking at becoming a franchisee. MSA suggests that you begin your exploration of franchising by becoming educated on the subject. There is a lot of information available online at websites like the International Franchise Association (, which provides an online seminar about franchising. ​Our website ​provides an extensive Franchise Library of articles on many franchising topics that you may find interesting and informative.

Of course, MSA is partial to Franchising for Dummies, the must-read book that Michael Seid, MSA Managing Director, wrote with the late Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's International, as a primer to franchising for both franchisees and franchisors. All net proceeds from sales of that book go to charity. The recently published Franchise Management for Dummies, co-authored by Michael Seid and Joyce Mazero, is also an excellent resource for anyone interested in becoming a franchisee.

Once you have a good understanding of franchising, you are ready to begin your search for a franchise opportunity. To help you, MSA has developed the Making the Franchise Decision workbook below, which provides guidance and advice on the investigation and selection of a franchise that will meet your needs and expectations.

This free workbook is a tool for you to use in evaluating the different franchisors you will be looking at. It is not meant to give you the answer to your most important question: Which is the best opportunity for me? That is a wholly personal decision, since what is important to one potential franchisee may not be as important to another.

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Good luck on your exploration of franchising. Take your time. This is an important decision for you and your family.

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