Are You Ready to Become a Franchisor?

MSA offers our clients franchise advice as they consider the advantages of franchising. We explain that if they become a franchisor, they will be entering into a new business that may require the acquisition of new skills and possibly the acquisition of new management who have experience in supporting a growing franchising system.

Additionally, we suggest to those looking to become a franchisor that they be emotionally and financially committed. Once they become a franchisor, they’ll need to have the capability to make the necessary investments upfront to handle long-term growth.

Ongoing Program and Support

After one becomes a franchisor, the franchisor must be ready to implement and evolve the franchise system. Support programs will be needed, to assist franchisees on operating and growing their franchise. Initial and ongoing training will need to be developed and conducted. And marketing support​ – especially around a new product or service announcement – will need to be arranged.

As one becomes a franchisor, the degree of franchise system support needed can be daunting without some help. MSA prides itself on helping clients define and implement the support strategies and tactics needed to run a successful franchise system.


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