Business to Business Franchise

  • Franchisor had acquiesced to large franchisee’s demands
  • Faced with additional and unacceptable demands
  • Conflict had negatively impacted franchised network relations
Course of Action
  • Established a change task force
  • Gained trust of franchisees
  • Developed a common ground strategy with franchisor and franchisees
  • Re-established franchise management’s capability to manage brand
"When I was looking for a franchising consultant to help me establish my system, I wanted the best. Michael H. Seid & Associates was the name I heard most often, and their reputation is well-earned. From start to finish, the service Michael H. Seid & Associates provided was top-notch. Their estimates were accurate and their attention to detail provided me with a solid foundation for my franchise system."

Matthew Pinto
BEI Franchising Inc

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