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Julie McBride is a Senior Consultant for Michael H. Seid & Associates, LLC (MSA), a domestic and international franchise advisory firm. She brings more than 20 years of experience in healthcare marketing and health services franchising, and is a thought leader in the rapidly growing and evolving field of social franchising. Prior to joining the MSA team she served as Senior Social Franchising Advisor for a large global non-profit, PSI, where she oversaw 31 healthcare franchises in 30 countries and built the capacity of PSI country offices to operate effective social franchises.

Ms. McBride’s considerable experience in social sector franchising includes her involvement in the early development of the Greenstar franchise in Pakistan, and the provision of technical assistance to several other countries in the design and launch of their social franchises, including PSI Myanmar’s Sun Quality Health Franchise and PSI Zimbabwe’s New Start VCT franchise. As an independent consultant Julie has also helped other organizations design and evaluate franchises, including a reproductive health franchise for UNFPA in Indonesia and an infant and child nutrition franchise for FHI360 in Vietnam.

Ms. McBride is committed to advancing the field of global social franchising and, to that end, is actively engaged with the global community of practice. Her involvement includes participation in working groups including the IFA’s Social Sector Task Force, UCSF’s Social Franchising for Health Metrics Working Group, Harvard’s Transformative Impact Collaborative, and FSG’s Shared Value Initiative. She has also presented her work and ideas at several conferences including UCSF’s global social franchise conferences, IFA’s annual franchise conferences, International Family Planning Conference, and SOCAP. She has authored and contributed to several publications related to social franchising including a case study for Stanford Business School.

Ms. McBride’s professional background includes private sector experience in pharmaceutical sales and marketing. She earned her Masters in Public Health from New York University and her Bachelor of Science from the University of Washington.

As an entrepreneur, lawyer and foundation executive these past 25 years I have worked with many consultants in various fields. Then I had a chance to work with MSA. Michael traveled all the way to Africa to assist The HealthStore Foundation to revamp its franchise medical clinic system resulting in dramatic performance improvements. We’re in the business of saving lives in Africa—performance improvement means saving more of them. The whole team at MSA became deeply engaged at all levels of our organization making our mission to the world’s poorest people one of the most effective of its kind in the world today. Michael is flat-out the most brilliant consultant that I have ever worked with, period.

Scott Hillstrom, Chairman, The HealthStore Foundation

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