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The act of franchising offers a license to someone to operate a business under a franchisor's brand name.

Everyone wishes the reality of setting up a franchise system could it requires significant planing and experience.

MSA Worldwide offers franchise advice on how to navigate through the strategic and tactical requirements of how to develop a successful franchise system that can be supported by its clients. The goal of every engagement is to ensure that the franchise system, operationally and financially can be consistent in the deliver of the franchisor's brand promise and that both the franchisor and franchisees achieve the financial returns they expect.

In this section is information for both franchisors and franchisees.  Prospective franchisees looking to acquire a franchise should pay particular attention to the workbook Making the Franchise Decision which gives them an extensive set of due diligence questions.  The franchise library, and Franchising for Dummies are important places to go for advice if you are looking to invest in your first franchise, expanding your business or looking to improve the performance of your established franchise system. 

  • Franchise Library: Articles about buying a franchise, franchising your business, marketing and branding, and more. Be sure to bookmark page for future reference.
  • Franchising for Dummies:: Michael Seid, MSA Managing Partner, co-authored this highly regarded book with Dave Thomas, the late founder of Wendy’s. A must read—order your copy today.
  • MSA Worldwide ​is the franchise experts for is the largest source for expert content on the Internet. The franchise portal provides its readers with balanced information for franchisors, franchisees, social franchisors and professionals. 
  • News: Latest news from the franchising industry.
  • Compliance Calendar: For planning purposes, compliance rules and a downloadable compliance calendar for the current year.
"MSA assisted us with our franchising strategic planning process and meeting facilitation. Kay Ainsley and Michael Seid are two of the most talented consultants with whom I have worked. Their vast experience in franchising and willingness to be pro-active in offering ideas made them a valuable part of our team."

John Kujawa
Vice President Franchising
McDonald’s USA, LLC

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