Franchise Management for Dummies®

FranchMgmt4Dummies-Front.jpgFranchise Management for Dummies is written by Michael H. Seid, Managing Director of MSA Worldwide, the leading strategic and tactical advisory firm in franchising, and by Joyce Mazero, a partner and Co-Chair of Gardere's Global Supply Network Industry Practice, internationally recognized and trusted legal advisors dedicated to excellence in franchising.

Franchise Management for Dummies provides the reader an accessible guide for becoming your own boss and standing on the shoulders of franchise giants:

For prospective franchisees:

This book takes you from the first steps of prospecting for a franchise to getting it up and running successfully.

For prospective commercial and social franchisors:

This book explains how to determine if a business is franchisable, and discusses how to properly design and develop a franchise system that you can grow and support.

Inside the book:

  • Wrapping your brain around franchising
  • Considering the pros and cons
  • Important legal issues
  • Evaluating franchise opportunities
  • Operating like a well-oiled machine
  • Expanding or cashing out
  • Building your own successful franchise system
  • Domestic and international expansion
  • Joining the growing social franchise sector

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