Work with Us for Program Franchise Development

Because each franchising opportunity is different, MSA really takes the time to come up with a franchise development program that truly uncovers the success factors for an organization’s business.

As a trusted franchise consultant, part of our examination looks at whether your business is suitable for franchise development or if another method of expansion will be more appropriate. If franchise development is appropriate then we’ll work with your management team to develop a strategic plan that will serve as a road map for franchise development.

Some crucial areas in our strategic planning process include:
  • Franchise development opportunity and value proposition
  • Franchisee profile and classes
  • Territory and real estate requirements
  • Operational structure and support
  • Brand position and marketing strategy
  • Franchise development expansion strategy
  • Upfront investment and fee structure
  • Gap analysis based on real-world examples
  • Financial modeling and assumptions

Don’t wait. Get the upfront expertise you need to for program development.

"When we selected MSA to assist us in the design of a franchise for Oogles n Googles, a children's birthday party and enrichment program, we made the right choice. Working with Kay Ainsley we now have a franchise program that has been incredibly successful since its launch. We also have the satisfaction of knowing that our franchise program is sound."

Kevin Mendell
Oogles n Googles

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