Mutual Respect Leads to Good Franchisor-Franchisee Relations

The foundation of any successful franchisor-franchisee relationship begins with a spirit of mutual trust and respect. To achieve this, a franchisor must be diligent about creating a culture of exchange and open communication that reinforces their commitment to a long-term relationship and to meeting the personal, financial and professional goals of both franchisor and franchisee.

MSA can assist franchisor in establishing programs that project a consistent message to their franchise community, while tapping into the passions and business savvy of their franchisees through the formation of advisory committees and programs of recognition.

Some franchise help methods to establish and improve franchisor-franchisee relations are:
  • Franchisee Advisory Council structure and implementation
  • Communications programs
  • Franchisee incentive and motivations programs
  • Operations and other manuals and training programs designed to protect the brand, either in print, web-based, or on CD-ROM or DVD
  • Intranet and social media programs
"MSA's knowledge of franchisor and franchisee relations has enabled us to work more productively and positively with our franchisees. With their assistance, we are better able to make the decisions that strengthen our brand and implement them in a way that is consistent with the needs of our franchisees."

Raymond J. Huntington
Huntington Learning Center, Inc

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