What Is Social Franchising?

Social franchising is the application of commercial franchising methods to achieve socially beneficial results. It is used globally to increase access to products and services across a range of socially oriented industries, including education, health, agriculture, water, sanitation, and clean energy. While relatively new, hundreds of social enterprises worldwide are benefiting from the standards and practices used in commercial franchising to expand and improve their delivery of these critically needed social services.

How does Social Franchising solve needs of communities?

Social Franchising works at both social and economic levels, because it is targeted at addressing the needs of the community and providing those products and services in a way that enhances the residents it serves. Social Franchising helps solve the social and economic needs of local communities by:

  1. Achieving a consistency in the delivery of the social services people need and want available in their communities;
  2. Establishing and supporting individuals and local organizations to create ownership opportunities resulting in wealth creation;
  3. Creating local job opportunities that improve the economy of the local community and provide its citizens with basic skills and management training that they can use in further building their careers; and
  4. Supporting a community based enterprise system whose focus is on the dignity inherent in all communities.

Glossary of Franchising Terms


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