MSA is “the leading strategic and tactical advisory firm in franchising” according to the International Franchise Association. Our reputation is built on our proven ability in creating sustainable franchise programs our clients can manage and grow successfully.

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Trusted Franchise Advisor

Founded in 1987, MSA is the most trusted consulting firm in franchising because we understand the uniqueness of each of our client’s brands and culture. We have been acknowledged for our exceptional strategic and tactical services based on the success we have delivered for our clients.

We wrote the book on franchising. Franchising for Dummies, the leading book on franchising was written by our founder and managing director Michael Seid and the late Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s International.

We are the franchising experts for’s franchise portal. is the largest source for expert content on the Internet. The franchise portal provides its readers with balanced information for franchisors, franchisees, social franchisors and professionals contributed by members of MSA Worldwide, the International Franchise Association and other recognized franchising experts.


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Our clients are served by some of the most experienced professionals in franchising and we serve clients across a broad spectrum of industries.

Companies exploring franchising as a method of expanding their businesses frequently evaluate the potential of franchising for their companies. Developing New Franchise Systems that succeed requires first developing the strategy that is right for our clients and then creating the tools necessary for them to grow and support their franchisees.

Established Franchisors call on MSA to improve their domestic and international performance. Business practices and consumer preferences evolve and franchisors need to continually develop and implement new tactics to remain competitive and grow. Understanding and adjusting business practices to deal with the NLRB's changing joint-employment determination is something MSA understands. Improving franchise sales, effectively supporting their franchisees and maximizing brand value for both the franchisor and franchisees are just some of the reasons many of the world’s leading franchised and non-franchised brands rely on us.

Social Franchisors use commercial franchising methods to deliver products and services to the poor at the Bottom of the Pyramid worldwide. As the leading advisory firm in commercial franchising we are also experienced social franchisors. We understand the requirements of social franchising and how commercial franchising’s tactics and techniques can be adapted for the benefit of delivering essential products and services to the poor in the emerging global markets.

Investment Bankers recognize the importance of qualified expert assistance. MSA’s experience as back-up servicers in royalty securitization and our proven capabilities in supporting complex financial transactions make us the clear choice for assistance during mergers and acquisitions.

Manufacturers, Licensors and Cooperatives recognize that many of the strategies and tactics used in franchising can allow them to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of their established down-stream distribution systems. MSA has extensive experience with some of the world’s leading manufacturers, licensors and cooperatives and has the necessary savvy to assist them to adapt in an ever-changing competitive environment.

Litigation, legislation and regulatory actions, while on the decline, unfortunately still occur in franchising. Disputes will arise on occasion between franchisors, franchisees, consumers, legislators and other government agencies. Lawyers and other industry professionals recognize that their success in complex matters frequently turns on the capabilities and clarity of the expert they work with. MSA has successfully provided litigation support for franchisors and franchisees and has testified in front of federal and state legislative bodies in the United States and internationally.

MSA helps clients structure a franchise strategy based on the uniqueness of their brand, culture and operating model. We help the mature franchisor and the company looking to become a franchisor navigate through the complexities of today's franchise landscape.  The end result are higher-performing and sustainable franchise systems that meets our client's goals for both the franchisor and for their franchisees.


​For New Franchisors

  • Design and Development of Franchise Systems
  • Franchise System Growth Strategies and Franchise Sales Support
  • Franchise Sales Compliance Training and Franchise Sales Staff Recruitment
  • Discovery Days, Sales Scripts, Lead Generation Strategies and Closing Techniques
  • Development of Operations Manuals and Training Programs for Franchisees
  • Development of Support Manuals and Staff Training for Franchisors and Master Franchisees
  • Management Assistance to Franchisors and Implementation Support to Improve System Performance
  • Introduction to Other Industry Professionals including Lawyers, Brokers, Marketing Professionals, etc.
  • Management of the Development of our Client’s Legal Documentation by their Outside Legal Counsel

​For Established Franchisors

  • Franchise System Domestic and International Expansion Strategies and Support
  • Management and Implementation of the Franchisee Recruitment and Expansion Program
  • Evaluation and the Development of Change Strategies for Internal Franchise Sales Processes and Procedures
  • Organization and Operational Support Review
  • Joint Employment and Vicarious Liability Reviews
  • Updating of Franchise System Manual Libraries
  • Brand Fund Modernization and Administration
  • Improvements to Franchisee Relations and System Validation
  • Field Support Optimization
  • Litigation Support and Expert Witness Services
  • Merger and Acquisition Support
  • NGO, Social Franchisor and Donor Consultation and Support
  • Training Program Development and Redesign including E-Learning