Our Philosophy

Franchise Consulting with Integrity & Professionalism

Franchising is a method of distribution embraced by thousands of companies in more than 300 industries, and has seen amazing successes and unfortunately several failures. Working with MSA, franchisors quickly learn the importance of having solid guidelines in place to protect the integrity of their brand and to support their franchisees. It is important to franchisors to ensure that the customers of their brands are never disappointed by the performance at one of their branded locations.

Emerging and established franchisors ask for our advice in designing and structuring new franchise programs or to improve the performance of their existing franchise systems. We provide our services based on a set of core values of integrity and professionalism. Most importantly, we deliver results for our clients.

Our Core Values

  • Our mission is to provide our clients with the tools they need to create and sustain their competitive advantage.
  • Our approach is to fully understand our clients' business and culture, current challenges, long-term goals, and exit strategy before we begin to formulate any recommendation.
  • Our responsiveness and genuine interest in our clients' success is what makes MSA the leading provider of strategic and tactical services in franchising.
  • Our advice is steeped in practical knowledge and real-world experience. Our recommendations are presented in a straightforward, “tell it like it is” manner and our solutions are innovative, efficient, effective, measurable and most importantly, can be successfully executed by our clients’ staff.
  • Our reputation for excellence and extraordinary service is well known and highly respected throughout franchising on a global basis.
  • We are socially ​conscious and recognize that our good fortune should be shared by supporting our veterans and creating opportunities for those at the base of the pyramid.
  • In all things we do we are professionals and most important, we have fun doing it.

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