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​This section of our website ​provides ​resources for both franchisors and franchisees. The ​Franchise Library of articles, Franchising for Dummies book, and Franchise Management for Dummies book are important ​sources of detailed advice ​whether you are looking to expand your business via the franchising model, improve the performance of your established franchise system, or invest in your first franchise.

  • Franchising News: The latest news from MSA Worldwide and the franchising industry.
  • Franchise Education Videos: Learn the steps involved in franchising your business from this series of easily digestible videos from Franchise Update Media.
  • 202​4 Franchise Compliance Calendar: For franchisor planning purposes, compliance rules and a downloadable compliance calendar.
  • Comprehensive CFE Course: Understanding the Dynamics and Requirements of Commercial Franchising is a first-of-its-kind, modular CFE credit course presented by leading franchising experts. 
  • Franchise Library: Articles about franchising your business, developing a successful franchise system, franchise training and support, marketing and branding, buying a franchise, and more. Be sure to bookmark the page for future reference.
  • Franchising for Dummies: Co-authored by Michael Seid, MSA Managing Director, ​and Dave Thomas, the late founder of Wendy’s. This highly regarded and updated book is a must read—order your copy today.
  • Franchise Management for Dummies: Co-authored by Michael Seid and Joyce Mazero, this new book provides prospective franchisees and franchisors an accessible guide for becoming your own boss or starting your own franchise system.
  • Making the Franchise Decision Workbook: An evaluation tool for prospective franchisees that aids the determination of whether or not investing in a franchise is the right decision. This workbook includes an extensive set of due diligence questions to answer when exploring a franchise opportunity.
  • Franchisee Lawyers Resource List: A list of lawyers and law firms that service franchisees. Organized by state, this list is provided as a resource for prospective and existing franchisees to locate a qualified franchisee lawyer.
  • Franchise Glossary: Common franchise industry terms.

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