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Franchise ​consultants ​who ​care about the ​global community

MSA Worldwide is dedicated to giving back to the global community. We believe it's our duty and privilege to offer our expertise, time, and resources when others can benefit from our efforts.

A few of the ways that MSA gives back include:

  • The development and management of two of the most respected social franchisors in Sub-Saharan Africa. CFWshops and One Family Health operate over 160 medical clinics through independently-owned franchises providing authentic medicine and high level medical care to underserved communities.
  • We donate all author’s proceeds from Franchising For Dummies to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.
  • We serve on the boards of private, public, and non-profit organizations where our unique franchising expertise and business experience can be of benefit.
  • We have taken a leadership position for the International Franchise Association where we contribute to ongoing improvements in franchising practices.
  • We established and currently ​chair the International Franchise Association's Social Sector Franchising Task Force, a group of experienced franchising professionals dedicated to the use of commercial franchising practices at the base of the pyramid through education and mentoring of social franchisors, NGOs, government agencies and donors.
  • We provide scholarships for transitioning veterans in business education.
  • We serve on the advisory board in Connecticut for the Salvation Army.

MSA’s focus on social franchising extends back more than twenty years. For more information please see the Social Franchising section of our website or contact ​Michael Seid, Managing Director at (​860) ​523-4257 or mseid@msaworldwide.com.

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