Becoming a successful franchisor is not hard, but it requires proper system design and commitment of resources to attain long-term success.

How We Can Help

Franchising your business can be a very successful method for expansion - if you take your time and do it properly. On a daily basis we receive calls from companies that have made the decision to franchise their businesses. Some of these calls are difficult, because it becomes clear from even a cursory discussion that the company is not yet ready to franchise, and we have to explain why that is the case.

The path to becoming a successful franchisor is not hard, but it can't be done in a boilerplate fashion. It takes a depth of business structuring that can't be expected from even the most gifted franchise lawyers (that is not their role) or from one of the franchise packaging factories (that is not in their wheelhouse). Completion of your FDD alone is insufficient if you expect to have a successful franchise program. Consider:

  • Do you have the operational standards and systems in place to ensure consistent delivery of your franchised brand?
  • Is your franchise system designed to be sustainable over time?
  • Can it be successfully replicated in other markets?

MSA works with each of our clients to make certain that your franchise strategy, your franchise offering, your legal agreements, your fees, and your support structure are in alignment with your marketing strategy so that you can get the results you plan for. We guide you in a disciplined approach to the design and development of your franchise system. Once the detailed strategic decisions have been reached, those determinations are provided to your qualified legal counsel.



Considering Franchising Your Business?

MSA can provide guidance on whether franchising is an appropriate model ​for expansion. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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When you become a franchisor, you enter into a new type of business. MSA can guide you every step of the way to achieving your goal - a franchise system with the ability to consistently and sustainably replicate your brand standards from location to location, for lasting success.