Franchise Gap Analysis

A franchise gap analysis provides a "reality test" of whether your franchise concept will actually work in practice – and allows for adjustments before you're committed to a system that may not get the results you want.

Verifying Expectations

Significant benefits of working with MSA’s franchise consulting firm include our breadth of franchise experience, our strategic planning expertise, and our tactical implementation services and support that our clients have come to depend on.

MSA conducts a Gap Analysis as part of our engagement process with each client. The Gap Analysis helps emerging franchisors in multiple ways:

  • Identifies differences (or gaps) in potential opportunity with actual performance benchmarks based on real industry franchising metrics
  • Reveals planning, direction, or other shortcomings, so that strategy and expectations can be adjusted early in the franchise consulting phase
  • Identifies tactical planning goals and objectives to maximize opportunities
  • Offers a reality test or confirms one’s franchisability before further investments (financial, people and other resources) are made


MSA-Worldwide-GFA-Award-2023-2022-vt.pngAdditionally, a franchise Gap Analysis spotlights what areas – from operations and marketing support to technology and real estate investments – need to be addressed in the development of a franchisor’s business infrastructure while the legal documents are being developed. 

Becoming a franchisor requires a sizable financial investment for a sustainable and scalable infrastructure. Working with a qualified franchise consultant upfront avoids the guesswork and better prepares the franchisor for what’s ahead.


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