Franchisee Recruitment Strategies

With fewer qualified candidates for franchisee recruitment and more franchising businesses competing for their investment, well-developed franchisee recruitment strategies are more important than ever.

MSA has the experience to design and execute franchising growth strategies for domestic or international expansion. We develop comprehensive franchisee recruitment strategies—or assess and recommend improvements for specific areas of an existing process.

Pulling together the right combination of elements to promote your franchising business requires an approach and execution that should be as unique as the concept itself.

Work with us to develop the right franchisee recruitment strategies for your organization. Our services include:

  • Defining value proposition
  • Identifying franchising business profile and class
  • Reviewing and developing process steps and materials
  • Developing lead generation strategies
  • Establishing tracking and reporting methods
  • Creating a Decision Day presentation
  • Developing infrastructure and training staff
“Kim is a great asset to have on your team. She knows the franchise industry well and understands the importance of accurate information. She is an ultimate professional in her field. I am honored to have Kim as a friend in and out of the franchising profession.”

Paul Wolbert
Vice President
US Lawns

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