Our Social Franchise Clients


CFW Clinics, Kenya

The mission of CFW Clinics, a project of the HealthStore Foundation, is to improve access to essential drugs, basic healthcare, and prevention services for children and families in the developing world using business models that maintain standards, are geometrically scalable, and achieve economies of scale.


One Family Health Clinics, Rwanda

OneFamilyHealth's mission is to improve access to quality essential medicines, basic healthcare, and prevention services in underserved communities through a sustainable franchise model that decreases the burden placed on public sector resources.


PharmAccess Birthing Centers, Ghana

In 2011, the Rockefeller Foundation awarded the Medical Credit Fund with a grant to investigate options to engage private midwives in improving access to high quality maternal health care in Ghana’s deprived areas.​


OneSight Vision Clinics, Pacific Rim

OneSight is optometrists, industry experts, clinicians, passionate volunteers, and partners pioneering a movement to unlock human progress through universal vision care access.

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