MSA Worldwide Named “Best Franchise Consultancy” at 2022 Global Franchise Awards

2022 Global Franchise Awards -MSA Worldwide

Feb. 25, 2022 – We would like to thank Global Franchise Magazine for naming MSA Worldwide the 2022 Best Franchise Consultancy. We would also like to thank our clients, who trust in us and give us the opportunity to contribute to their continuing success. They are truly what makes this award important to us.

The past few years have presented particularly interesting challenges and opportunities for franchisors in the United States and internationally. Since we began our practice in 1987, our goal has always been to provide our clients with the right guidance for their unique brand, to maximize the opportunities in any particular situation. Times of change and unease bring both opportunity and risk. Our experience helps our clients remain steady in turbulent waters and make clear and smart decisions to benefit both their brands and their franchisee networks.

The global market for franchising has expanded. Franchisors have experimented with new offerings, methods of communication, and types of franchisee support. Strategically growing brands; modifying the consumer offering; finding methods to lower labor hours; training, manuals and creating new methods of support are a few of the things MSA has focused on in the last few years. Litigation for some of our clients increased, and we provided litigation support and expert testimony in complex matters.

Looking Ahead to Strong Franchising Growth in 2022

Many of our emerging brand clients will begin to offer franchises in 2022. Because of our innovative approach and expertise, these emerging brands will be able to target franchisee candidates by class and include in their franchise offerings the rights, obligations, and initial and continuing fees appropriate for each of those groups.

We humbly thank the esteemed international panel of judges for this award. Twenty-twenty-two is going to be an amazing year. Should the need arise, we hope you will give us a call and let us show you why our clients benefit from having MSA on their team.

– Michael Seid and Kay Ainsley, Managing Directors, MSA Worldwide

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