Congratulations on your making the decision to begin looking at becoming a franchisee. MSA suggests that you begin your exploration of franchising by becoming educated on the subject. There is a lot of information available online at websites like the International Franchise Association (, which provides an online seminar about franchising. The MSA website has a library of franchising articles that you may find interesting and informative.

Of course, MSA is partial to Franchising for Dummies, a book that Michael Seid, MSA Managing Director, wrote with the late Dave Thomas as a primer to franchising for both franchisees and franchisors. All net proceeds from sales of that book go to charity.

Once you have a good understanding of franchising, you are ready to begin your search for a franchise opportunity. To help you, MSA has developed the Making the Franchise Decision workbook, which provides guidance and advice on the investigation and selection of a franchise that will meet your needs and expectations.

This free workbook is a tool for you to use in evaluating the different franchisors you will be looking at. It is not meant to give you the answer to your most important question: Which is the best opportunity for me? That is a wholly personal decision, since what is important to one potential franchisee may not be as important to another.

"As an independant Retail Consultant I worked with Katharine Saralis, European Project Director at The Disney Store to build a set of International Franchising procedures to expand the Disney brand into the Middle East in 2011.

Marla Rosner of MSA Worldwide was instrumental in pulling together the information to underpin the success of the brief in writing all the manuals. Marla's excellent understanding of the franchise model and vast experience across many retail sectors ensured the standards of the manuals produced were of the highest quality I have experienced in the industry. 

Marla has an exceptional professional and personable approach, deadlines were always met, and no task or challenge was ever too much - a true professional who I highly recommend working with."

Sian Hession
Retail Consultant
United Kingdom

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